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DIS Forum
« on: September 09, 2013, 01:13:27 PM »
Management of Daffodil International School (DIS) has consistently been reiterating its commitment to excellence in education with equity. We are liable to guide our children through every stage of their lives as they learn to move on, towards a glorious future with bright academic record, extra curricular skills and all ethical values to be a perfect citizen to lead the society from the front. Ethics of DIS Management and Academician is to render their best efforts to turn your child perfect. We hope that our beloved Guardian should post their suggestion and feedback here. Please collect your user name and Password from IT department of DIS or send mail to We are committed for making a better society for our student.
Daffodil International School (DIS) Forum is an online board created for bridging students, teachers, guardians & administration. Members can interact, share ideas and gather knowledge. This board is focused on finding out productivity & enhancing skill & quality inside the tender students of DIS guided by teachers, administration and parents. We hope all DIS students, Teachers, Administration and parents will contribute to this Forum. Hope all the membersí active participation will make this DIS Forum the best school with world standard. All of the members are requested to circulate this Forumís information to your class mates, senior friends, junior friends and even to your Face Book networks too.

Please be specific in your discussions, suggestions or in any kind of comment. Hope you will be positive in your attitude. Please put proper reference if you collect your post item form any secondary source. Be respectful to other members. Every member should take part in solving if any problem arises, not to aggravate those. Be positive, constructive in intention, and cautious about spelling & grammar.