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Author Topic: Instruction on Assembly  (Read 9902 times)

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Instruction on Assembly
« on: June 22, 2011, 09:03:33 AM »
Initial Instruction on Assembly
a)   Standup: Get fall in (donít move to and front)
b)   Class: Make your line straight
c)   Stand properly; shortest to the front and tallest to the rear.
d)   Take shoulder space and look according to your own height
e)   Hands down

a)    Attention
b)    Stand at ease
c)   Left turn
d)   Right turn
e)   Take shoulder space
f)   Hand down
g)   One step forward march
h)   One step backward march
i)   Attention
j)   P.T No- 1
           - 2
           - 3      

3. Get Ready for Assembly (No movement):
   a)  Attention
   b) Now the holy Quran recited by

4. Get ready for national Anthem (national Anthem):
 a) Attention

5) Get ready to salute the national flag national Anthem (No movement)

One (wait & stands) two (State) three (hand down)
6) Proceed to your own class in line.