Author Topic: Be Informed & Aware Before Using The Email  (Read 2500 times)

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Be Informed & Aware Before Using The Email
« on: July 06, 2011, 11:19:52 PM »
These are computer programs having the potential to harm a computer system. These programs copy themselves and further infect the computer. The recipient needs to scan the mails, as viruses are transmitted through them and have the potential to harm computer systems.


E-mails when used to send unsolicited messages and unwanted advertisements create nuisance and is termed as Spam. Checking and deleting these unwanted mails can unnecessarily consume a lot of time, and it has become necessary to block or filter the unwanted e-mails by means of spam filters.

The act of breaking into computer security is termed as hacking. After the e-mail is sent and before it is received by the desired recipient, it "bounces" between servers located in different parts of the world. Hence, the e-mail can be hacked by a professional hacker.

One has to be careful while posting any kind of content through an e-mail. If typed in a hurry, the matter could be misinterpreted.

Lengthy mails
If the mail is too long and not properly presented the reader may lose interest in reading it.

Not suitable for business
Since the content posted via e-mails is considered informal, there is a chance of business documents going unnoticed. Thus, urgent transactions and especially those requiring signatures are not managed through e-mails.

Crowded inbox
Over a period of time, the e-mail inbox may get crowded with mails. It becomes difficult for the user to manage such a huge chunk of mails. But if you are a specialized one in using email like labeling and nesting you will not face the problems

Need to check the inbox regularly
In order to be updated, one has to check his e-mail account regularly. It may give you extra pain.
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