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Meet The Management 2023
« on: June 17, 2023, 05:35:27 PM »
The Honorable Chairman of Daffodil Family, Dr. Md. Sabur Khan has recently met with the dedicated teachers of all branches of DIS, Dhaka. During the meeting, he shared significant planning, guidelines, and strategies aimed at improving the quality of education provided to the students.
The three advice of the Chairman of the institution were basically most crucial: 1. Teachers should be interactive with students and highlight their best performances, 2. Students should be encouraged to practice their intellect and thinking to make them competent people and 3. For the overall development of the institution, the development of education should be done by coordinating between teachers, students and parents.  emphasized the importance of shaping a bright future for the students, who will eventually lead the nation of tomorrow. As a result of this meeting, we can expect to see positive changes and advancements in the education system at is impressive that the Chairman conducted the quiz and question-answer sessions himself. It shows his dedication to engaging with the attendees and making the event a success. It was a memorable experience for everyone who attended.More guests were present and delighted the program  CEO, Mohammad Nuruzzaman, COO, Dr. Mohamed Emran Hossain, and our beloved Founder Principal, Shahana Khan. respected principal, Dr Md Mahmudul Hassan, Vice Principals, Assistant Vice-Principal and to all the teachers from all the branches (DIS EM, Dhanmondi, DIS EM, Uttara, DIS EV, Dhanmondi, DUSC, DIS, Gazipur).  It's nice to hear that the Principal gave a vote of thanks at the program. It's always important to show appreciation to those who made the event possible and to thank the attendees for their participation.
Refreshments were provided and group photos were taken at the end of the program. It's always nice to have a visual reminder of the event and the people who attended. It also gives attendees a chance to socialize and reflect on the experience.

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