Author Topic: Millions of taka found in beggar’s slum.  (Read 9629 times)

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Millions of taka found in beggar’s slum.
« on: November 14, 2012, 10:37:10 AM »
More than 1 million of taka was found in a beggar’s house, in Dhaka, two months ago.

The beggar had two sons, but the sons kept no relation with her, as they thought their mother were poor, and lived separately.
When the beggar died the sons did not come to carry her dead body. So the cops had to carry it. When the cops came, they were also investigating the house. They found 80,000 Tk in notes, 20,000 in coins, 20 – 25 cotton saris,6 Kg of sugar and 20 Kg rice. These all were from Zakat she collected time to time in the month of Ramadan. The neighbors informed that the beggar used to eat in people’s house.
In the meanwhile, the sons came to know that their mother had so much money, they became greedy and they came to claim their rights on it. The cops asked them where they were when their mother died. They lied that they had gone out for work. But the neighbors of the beggar told the truth that they did not keep their relationship with their mother, they also informed the cops that the beggar used to say,” When I die, everything of my own should be donated to the orphanage.“ After listening to it the cops decided to donate all the things to an orphanage.

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