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« on: July 15, 2013, 11:38:11 AM »

Despite being the only medium that caters to the people in general not only to enlighten them, but also to create future leaders, education has never been an amusement to everyone. Especially under the country’s prevailing conventional ways of learning, education in Bangladesh has mostly been about struggling to enjoy textbooks and other fixed resources, memorizing and passing the exams. Other barriers to quality education have always been in static nature including the lack of usage of modern educative tools and uneven distribution of resources (e.g. quality teachers).

The Daily Star being the leading English newspaper has had the vision to serve the nation as a truly independent media since its very inception. One of its many endeavors has been to face the clichés of the society that has always been stagnant in nature and show the people a better direction for the times to come. The country’s current educational system therefore has also been one of the major focus area for The Daily Star. Among the various initiatives undertaken by The Daily Star, is one, which has already established itself as the pioneer of online education in Bangladesh.

After its launching in October 2010, has been catering to both Bangla and English medium students, primarily offering a self-assessment test service to assess students’ own strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics and Science towards stronger academic foundation. It also enables students to brush up their ‘beyond-textbook’ learning in both Bangla and English languages. Another area of scholastic focus of this approach covers General Knowledge, IQ, and Current Affairs in its extra curriculum section. The inception of Champs21 took place keeping in mind the following targets:

    Bringing about fun, excitement and enjoyment in learning;
    opening up the world of internet as a ‘huge free knowledge bank’ to the students;
    bridging the resource-divide, that implies a village student gains access to the same quality of learning as a traditionally more fortunate urban student of a top-school

With realization to all the factor that are there in the system which demands an immediate action for a better educational method, is determined to provide the best standard education in every corner of the country.